Monocacy Scenic Water Trail Map

Always plan and assess the river conditions/hazards prior to launch.

Water Trail Segments

This guide spans 41.8 miles of water trail along the Monocacy River and depicts a diverse mix of opportunities for paddlers of all levels. The trail has been divided into 3 segments but visitors can make their trips shorter or longer according to their time and ability.

Section 1: Maryland Route 77-Rocky Ridge to Devilbiss Bridge

Section 2: Devilbiss Bridge to Gambrill Mill

Section 3: Gambrill Mill to the Monocacy Boat Ramp

This map is meant to be used as a reference for existing public boating access sites and facilities. It is strongly recommended that you consult a range of other detailed maps, charts and supplemental information geared to your specific needs when planning for or undertaking extended excursions.

To request a copy of the Monocacy Scenic Water Trail Map, please call 301-600-2936. You can also pick up a copy of the map at:

  • Frederick County Division of Parks & Recreation
  • The City of Frederick Recreation Department
  • The Monocacy National Battlefield Visitors Center
  • Frederick County Tourism

Download a PDF copy of the map (PDF)

Public Access Points - Updated 2023

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