Bark Rangers

Gold BadgeAsset 6Celebrate your four-legged friends by becoming a BARK Ranger! 

As a BARK Ranger, dogs and their owners learn how to safely and responsibly enjoy the park by following some simple, but important rules. 

Being a Bark Ranger is serious business! In order to become a Bark Ranger, you will need to make a pledge to follow Frederick County Park’s guidelines for pets, being good advocates for our pet policies, and making sure to clean up pet waste. These policies are important because they help preserve the delicate ecosystems of the parks and to protect the land for future generations.

After taking the Bark Ranger pledge, bring your pledge to a Park Ranger or to our main office and you will be awarded a special gift to wear proudly, while exploring our great parks.

B.A.R.K. stands for:

B - Bag your poop

Bagging your dog’s waste should be common sense. Just because it’s poo and it will degrade, doesn’t mean it belongs on the side of a trail. If left out in the parks it can damage the local ecosystem as it breaks down. Not to mention it can take away from the experiences of park patrons.

A - Always use a leash

Always using a leash may seem troublesome but, there is a time and place for off-leash play. Trails are often narrow and shared with other dogs and people, it is important for everyone’s safety that all pets be on a leash (unless in designated areas such as dog parks) and are never left unattended.

R - Respect the Parks

Respecting the parks comes with responsible ownership. There are many factors in a park that could be dangerous if we are not paying attention. Structures, ponds/ rivers, roads, and even wildlife may pose a threat if we do not treat them appropriately. These factors

could place both pet and owner in danger, so do not allow your dogs to approach, bark at, chase, or intimidate wildlife, and make sure you are paying attention to possible hazards as you go.

K - Know where you can go

Knowing where you can go means checking beforehand whether your intended destination is pet friendly. It is important that we are familiar with the trails, dog parks, other amenities, and their rules before bringing any furry friends around.