Press Box Use

This page has information regarding the press boxes at our synthetic fields. The information explains how to operate and trouble shoot the score board consoles. 


Utica District  Press Box

Where to find information inside the Utica press box. 
Powering on Utica Console - Settings for each console  
Setting or changing the Game Clock on Utica consoles

Othello/Chuck Foreman  Press Box

Powering on & finding proper game type codes for the console.

Setting the Score and Editing the Score at Foreman or Othello.

Turning the Auto Horn on & off at Foreman and Othello.
Trouble shooting - Game Clock start/stop buttons not working. 
Troubleshooting Foreman Scoreboard - Not receiving signal/Blank
Keeping Score on Utica Consoles.
Codes for Othello Scoreboard Console.
How to Edit the Score on Utica Console.
Turing Auto Horn on/off at Utica.
If after viewing the appropriate videos regarding settings, usage, and trouble shooting you are still having issues,  Please call Keith Tapley, 301-748-4635, for further ideas or to report a malfunction.