Ballenger Creek Linear Trail

About the Trail
The Ballenger Creek Trail will run from Ballenger Creek Park to the Monocacy River and will primarily follow along Ballenger Creek for a distance of approximately 5 miles. The alignment will link residential communities to schools, parks, places, or business and entertainment with the hopes of encouraging the use of the trail for travel between work, home and school as well as being a recreational facility in itself. The trail is being constructed with 10-foot-wide asphalt surface, which will allow use by walkers, bikers, roller bladders, etc. The trail will accommodate those with disabilities.

Ballenger Creek Trail Sections
The Ballenger Creek Trail consists of 7 continuous sections. The following is a description of each Section of the Ballenger Creek Trail and indicates the current status of that section. Construction of each section will either be completed by Frederick County or by a developer. Those Sections that have been completed are indicated in green, with sections currently under design are indicated in red.

Section I (Ballenger Creek Park Section)
This future County funded trail section will connect Ballenger Creek Park, go through Tuscarora High School property (route may be altered with future development), to end at a crosswalk on Maryland Route 351.

Section II (Ballenger Run Section)

This future Developer funded design/construction trail project will meet trail crosswalk at Route 351 and continue through developer’s property and connect with Section III (Kingsbrook Section).

Section III (Kingsbrook Section)
This trail section connects the future Ballenger Run Section, follows along the Ballenger Creek corridor, goes underneath New Design Road and ends at Developer’s funded parking lot on Advisors Court. This trail section includes a spur that connects the main trail to Kingsbrook Drive, near Ballenger Creek Elementary School. This County funded section of trail received a Transportation Enhancement Program (TEP) Grant which paid for 80% of construction costs. This section of trail was opened to the public in 2012.

The Frederick County Division of Parks and Recreation received a donation of 6 QR Fit Trail Signs to Section III of the Ballenger Creek Trail from Bimbo Bakeries USA. These signs display QR codes, which when scanned with a smart phone, display a variety of exercises that trail users can follow. These signs are a commitment by Bimbo Bakeries to provide for and improve the health and fitness of all that utilize the Ballenger Creek Trail. The Frederick County Division of Parks and Recreation recognizes and appreciates Bimbo Bakeries’ generous donation and look forward to partnering with them on future opportunities.  

Section IV (Advisors Court Section)
This County funded section of trail will connect Advisors Court parking lot to the Westview South Section. This section of trail will have a bridge crossing Ballenger Creek. This section is currently under design.

Section V (Westview South Section)
This Developer funded section was completed in 2010. This trail section will connect the future Advisors Court Section to the future Buckeystown Pike Section.

Section VI (Buckeystown Pike Section)
This future Developer funded design / construction trail project will connect Westview South Section to Maryland Route 85 (Buckeystown Pike). Maryland State Highway Administration has indicated that Route 85 will be elevated sometime in the future. After this occurs, the trail will be extended underneath Route 85 and connect to the Monocacy River Section.
Trail Map
Ballenger Creek Trail
Fence Along Trail
Trail Rest Area
Section VII (Monocacy River Section)
This trail section will connect the Buckeystown Pike Section to the Monocacy River. Since the trail will be going across property of either the Sheriff’s Office or DUSWM, a final direction/location of the trail has yet to be determined. This section of trail will also have an at-grade crossing of the existing railroad tracks.