Origins of Fountain Rock Park

Fountain Rock Park is a 22.5 acre park west of Walkersville and approximately 4 miles northeast of Frederick, Maryland. It is located at 8511 Nature Center Place near Walkersville.

The park possesses one of the strongest springs in Maryland, and is rich in wetlands. Historically, the land has demonstrated a value in resources from limestone extraction, watercress farming, and fish farming. It is designated as an environmental park.
Log Cabin
Alice Nemitsas
Former Park Naturalist, Alice Nemitsas, presented the idea for the park to the Frederick County commissioners for their approval in 1987. Alice was a local student and community member at the time. She was inspired by the presence of the spring because where there is water, there will be animals, and the idea for Fountain Rock Park was born.

The beautiful environment at the park fit Alice's concept for a nature center as there were existing buildings that could be modified. The building that is now the nature was originally built by a prior owner, McKendree Fulks, who used it for cleaning trout caught at his trout fishing operation.