Education Initiatives

According to National Recreation and Park Association’s research, promoting healthy activities in nature not only benefits the population physically and mentally, but also contributes to a healthier environment. People who are exposed to nature and have experiences in nature are more likely to act responsibly toward it.

FCPR values a healthy environment, clean air, water, and green energy, and it is our mission to conserve and protect our natural resources. We do this through promoting the understanding of the natural world around us.

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Catoctin Creek Park and Nature Center
Fountain Rock Park and Nature Center 

Our staff provide education programs and opportunities for the community to engage in environmental efforts.

Through our various recreation programs and park activities, we provide access to:

  • Trails: FCPR maintains a total of 26.8 miles of paved and unpaved trails, to provide access to trails for outdoor exercise, strolls in the green space, and for observing the flora and fauna in nature. 

  • Nature accessour parks increase the accessibility to, and opportunities for: walking, biking, and hiking in nature, while our nature centers and programs provide a space to explore and learn about the natural world.

  • Collaboration: FCPR collaborates with the Frederick County Nature Council to provide support and advocacy for environmental protection, education, advocacy, and our nature centers.

  • Education programs: Education and recreational opportunities at our Nature Centers to engage community in understanding and creating a healthier environment for everyone.

  • Volunteer initiative: Through our Weed Warriors and Stream Clean Up initiatives, members of the community can become involved in efforts to create and maintain a clean environment.
Catoctin Creek Park