Catoctin Creek Park 
2929 Sumantown Road 
Middletown, MD 21769 
Ph: 301-600-2051

Park Hours 
April-October 8 am-Sunset 
November-March 8 am-5 pm

Nature Center Visiting Hours

Try using more than just your sense of sight!

  • Take a deep breath: Is there a musk scent, an earthy smell, the smell of dried leaves or the smell of flowers?
  • Listen: Do you hear a woodpecker or squirrel scolding you from a tree branch? Do you hear wind rustling the leaves in the trees? Do you hear animals moving around?
  • Touch: Is the tree bark smooth or rough?

Frederick County Parks and Recreation’s County Code insist that “No person shall”:

  • Hunt, harm, remove, or frighten wildlife. 
  • Intentionally remove, alter, injure, and destroy any tree, other plant, rock, soil or mineral without a permit. 
  • Dig trenches, holes or other excavations in park land without a permit. 
  • Introduce any plant, animal or other agent within park land without a permit.

Wild animals should not be considered potential pets. The end result will include injury to people and death to the animal. Please leave wild animals wild. Remember to leave only footprints, take only memories.

Enjoy your walk in the woods, meadow, and stream habitats in Catoctin Creek Park!

Catoctin Creek Trail Map