Building Features

Catoctin Creek Nature Center Green Roof

Catoctin Creek Nature Center has many green features that decrease the amount of energy needed to operate the building. Our green roof is covered in plants instead of the conventional shingles. These plants produce oxygen, and provide additional wildlife habitat. In addition, the green roof collects rainfall, and absorbs outside temperatures keeping the inside temperature more constant.

Other green features include:
  • 100% recycled playground equipment
  • Skylights for more natural light
  • Trash can made out of old milk gallon jugs
  • Water efficient plumbing fixtures

Turtle Pond Renovation Project

In the Spring of 2012, we opened our renovated indoor turtle pond exhibit. This exhibit features larger areas for turtles to bask, swim, explore, and a shallow pool where visitors of all ages can interact with our pond creatures. The designers of our original pond Poole’s Stone and Garden volunteered to come back and expand our current indoor turtle pond exhibit.

For questions relating to this project, please call the Park Naturalist at 301-600-2051.

Green Roof