“Survivor” - Life Cycles, Traits & the Ecosystem

Grades 3-5

This field trip examines the life cycles of several different organisms with a focus on inherited traits and the link between their environment and their development. We discuss the different responses of animals to changes in their environments. The concept that “variations in characteristics among individuals of the same species may provide advantages in surviving, finding mates, and reproducing” is introduced. Where possible, we use live animals or models to enhance lesson content. Includes exploratory walk or outdoor activity, weather permitting.

Program Details

Program length: 90 minutes

Minimum: 10 Maximum: 50

Program length: 120 minutes
Minimum: 51 Maximum: 100

Chaperones required: 1 chaperone per 15 students
Cost: $4.50 per person

Next Generation Science Standards

ESS3.A Natural resources (K-ESS3-1)
ESS3.C Human impacts on earth systems (K-ESS3-3)
LS1.A Structure and function (1-LS1-1, 4-LS1-1)
LS1.B Growth and development of organisms (1-LS1-2, 3-LS1-1)
LS1.D Information Processing (1-LS1-1, 4-LS1-2)
LS2.A Interdependent relationships in ecosystems (2-LS2-1, 5-LS2-1)
LS2.C Ecosystem dynamics, functioning and resilience (3-LS4-4)
LS2.D Social interactions and group behavior (3-LS2-1)
LS3.A Inheritance of traits (3-LS3-2)
LS3.B Variation of traits (3-LS3-1, 3-LS3-2)
LS4.B Natural Selection (3-LS4-2)
LS4.C Adaptation (3-LS4-3)

Maryland Environmental Literacy Curriculum

Standard 3: Topic A, Indicator 1; Topic C, Indicator 1
Standard 4: Topic A, Indicator 1; Topic C, Indicator 1; Topic E, Indicator 1
Standard 5: Topic A, Indicator 2