Park Resources and Amenity Highlights

Installing ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) friendly park amenities is essential for promoting inclusivity and accessibility for all individuals, including those with disabilities. FCPR understands the importance of creating spaces that cater to the diverse needs of the community in Frederick, Maryland. 

By installing ADA-friendly park amenities, we ensure that people of all abilities can enjoy and utilize the park facilities. This not only enhances the quality of life for individuals with disabilities but also encourages social interaction and community engagement for everyone. Additionally, it aligns with the values of creating public spaces that are welcoming and accommodating to all residents.

When visiting our parks, these are some of the amenities you can find:

  • Playgrounds – We currently have five playgrounds around the County that are considered “Barrier Free”. 
  • Trails – All of our existing paved trails in the County Parks and the Ballenger Creek Linear Trail are ADA accessible. All existing and future paved trail added to the County Parks meet our Bikeway and Trail Design Standards on our website Bikeway and Trail Design Standards.pdf ( One of the many resources that was used to development this document was the Accessibility Guidelines for Outdoor Development Areas ABA Standards (enhanced single file version) ( 
  • Community Building, Recreation Centers and Public Restrooms are all ADA accessible. All interior restroom facilities are ADA accessible by way of door frame width to allow wheelchairs, as well as toilet stalls that allow turn around space, grab bars, heights of wash sinks 
  • Shelters and picnic sites are ADA accessible by way of paved trails/walkways and picnic tables that allow wheelchairs under each end. 
  • Fishing – A new ADA fishing area was completed with latest development completed at Middletown Community Park. In addition the pond front stage at Middletown was also upgraded so it is now a ground level concrete pad (not an elevated stage with steps) 
  • Sensory Trail Upgrade – The Division of Parks and Recreation is currently working on upgrading and improving the existing Sensory Trail at Catoctin Creek Park. Design is underway, with construction to start upon completion of design. 
  • Accessible Swing – In spring 2023, an accessible swing was installed at Othello Regional Park.
  • Communication Boards allow nonverbal children to easily communicate without the use of personal augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) devices. They allow children of all abilities to have a positive experience at our playground. To use the communication boards, children point to pictures on the display to express their thoughts and feelings. The symbols on the board were taken from a communication product called TouchChat and were selected by speech-language pathologists specifically for use on playgrounds. The boards are designed to encourage a sense of community as well as an inclusive, more equitable play environment.

Some of the amenities you can find in our parks are pictured below:

Ballenger Creek Accessible Trail

Fence Along Trail

Middletown Park ADA Fishing Area

Middletown New ADA Fishing Area

Communication Board

Communication Board

Othello Park Accessible Swing

Othello Park Accessible Swing

Middletown Park Accessible Stage Area

Accessible FIshing Area - Middletown Park