Internship Opportunities

About Internship Positions

These well-rounded seasonal internship positions provide exposure and education into many aspects of Parks and Recreation. This Internship focuses primarily on recreational programming and administration with some exposure to volunteer management, park/facility management, therapeutic programming, historical site interpretation and management, nature programming, and capital project procedures. 

Expectations of a prospective Intern

  • The intern must have sufficient education, fieldwork and observation experience meeting University/College requirements to be eligible to apply for an internship. 
  • The intern must arrange for a formal meeting with the Internship Supervisor from the Division of Parks and Recreation. (In the case of a long distance applicant, a phone interview will be scheduled.) 
  • The intern must have no other conflicting requirements during the internship with the exception of college requirements. Interns must be available to work primarily weekdays, with some evenings and weekends as scheduled through the Intern Supervisor. 
  • The intern must follow the Frederick County Division of Parks and Recreation policies and procedures. 
  • The intern is responsible for his or her own transportation, room, and board.
  • The intern will learn the organizational structure of the Frederick County Division of Parks and Recreation. 
  • The intern must complete a written mid and post-evaluation of the internship experience. 

Benefits to the intern

In addition to the internship, an intern may be employed as an Instructor or Camp Counselor (depending on the season) to compliment the Internship Position. The Intern will receive the following benefits while participating in this program:
  • The opportunity to receive payment as a class instructor or camp counselor. 
  • Free participation in one recreation class of the Intern’s choice, during the Season of his or her internship.

Intern Selection Criteria

Note: applicant must be majoring in a Parks and Recreation (or closely related) field
  • ENTHUSIASM—profound interest in the field of Parks and Recreation.
  • Demonstration of creative leadership.
  • High standards of excellence in performing duties. 
  • Good judgment.
  • Ability to adapt to new situations calmly and effectively. 
  • Neat and appropriate appearance. 
  • Dependable and responsible. 
  • Good written and verbal skills. 
  • Acceptance and understanding of the internship responsibilities. 

Procedures for applying: 

  • Obtain approval from your Academic Advisor before contacting the Division. 
  • Call 301-600-1684 to schedule an interview (phone or in person) with the Intern Supervisor. 
  • Complete and submit the Internship Application and resume before the interview. 
  • If awarded an internship, the intern is responsible for making an appointment with the Intern Supervisor in order to discuss the actual position and arrange a starting date for the internship. The intern must formulate a list of goals to be pursued while working with the Frederick County Division of Parks and Recreation.
  • Intern performance will be regularly evaluated to maintain high Divisional standards and to satisfy the intern’s educational requirements. The Division reserves the right to end an internship if it is deemed in the best interest of the Division. 
  • Interns are expected to know and comply with the established policies and procedures of the Division.
  • Interns will be graded and given credit for work that has been accomplished according to the College or University guidelines. 

Equal Opportunity:

The Frederick County Division of Parks and Recreation does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, or disability for employment or the provision of services. Individuals requiring special accommodations are requested to contact the Division at 301-600-2936 to arrange accommodations.