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Commercial Filming Application

  1. Please note that applicant may be required to obtain additional permits in order to process this request. Processing time may be delayed depending on the applicant’s ability to get the required permits.
    We are excited you are considering Frederick County as a location for your film production needs. As the applicant, you must agree to abide by the Frederick County Film Code of Conduct and provide Proof of Insurance with Frederick County, Maryland as an additional insured. Please allow 10 business days for processing of most applications. Due to the complexity of high impact productions, processing may require 15 days.
  3. Nonprofit Organization?*
    You must submit one application per filming location. Rental/usage fees may apply.
  7. Requested Dates*
  8. Amplified Sound?*
  9. Indoor Facility Needed?*
    Rental fees may apply
  10. Food/alcohol being SOLD*
    Are food and/or alcohol being SOLD during production?
  11. Food/alcohol being SERVED*
    Are food and/or alcohol being SERVED during production?
  12. Lack of detail may delay approval process
  14. Check all activities that apply*
    Additional information may be required
    Additional fees may be required
  16. Requests of the County*
    Are there any requests being made of the County for the production? (i.e. use of tables/chairs, temporary storage only during time of the filming, early entrance to a building, etc.)
  17. NOTE: The County is under no obligation to comply with the request. This is to avoid any last-minute surprises and establish expectations for both parties.
  18. Temporary Structure(s)*
    Should a temporary structure need to be erected for the production?
  19. Land Use / Building Permit
    Have you obtained a Land use or Building Permit?
  20. Please attach a set plan explanation and/or map or diagram of the area where production will take place.
  21. Please attach a Maintenance of Traffic/Detour Plan if this production requires any road closures requiring a Right-of-Way Permit. If using Maryland state roads, you must also submit a Maryland State Special Events Permit.
  22. Please attach a security plan for the time of the production. This includes the production company’s plan for any private security company or off-duty law enforcement, traffic control (site ingress and egress, and on-site circulation), traffic flaggers, and/or emergency responders. Depending on the size and impact of the production, an emergency management plan and special event permit may be necessary.
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