What is Parks and Recreation's COVID-19 Policy and Guidelines?

The safety and wellness of our participants and staff are of primary importance to us. Recreation Staff and Activity Leaders/Coaches will be following best practices and current state/local protocols throughout the duration of all recreation activities. 

Prior to each program, participants will receive important information via email that will inform on what to bring and what to be prepared for. Activities may be modified in some way. Participants should read the program description thoroughly, review the requirements/format, and then decide on their comfort level prior to enrolling.

Things to Know - COVID 19

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1. What is Parks and Recreation's COVID-19 Policy and Guidelines?
2. What hours is your Main Office (355 Montevue Lane) open?
3. What is your refund policy as it relates to COVID-19?
4. What facilities are open?
5. Are the parks and playgrounds open? What can I expect to be open in the parks?
6. Are you providing disinfectant/hand sanitizer to park visitors?
7. Will Parks & Recreation know if a participant has been exposed or contracted COVID-19 and will programs close if someone is believed to have been exposed?
8. How can I submit a comment to Parks & Recreation Supervisors/Managers?
9. Who should I contact if I have additional questions?