Return to Play

Whether you have an existing permit, or would like to request a permit for new reservations, we are asking all organizations and teams to submit a completed Special Request - Return to Play Application. If your organization has a set of formal COVID-19 guidelines, please submit them along with your Return to Play Application.

Once you receive approval of your Return to Play Special Request, with any modifications, and have a valid permit in hand, you will be allowed to "Return to Play" on Frederick County fields.

For use of our Recreation Center fields, beginning September 28, 2020, please fill our our dual FCPR/FCPS Return to Play Application.  Please ensure that you have read the FCPS COVID-19 Enhanced Procedures information prior to submitting your request.

If you have any questions about any current permits you may have, or fall seasonal permits that you have requested, please contact the field scheduling office Monday - Friday 8am - 4:30pm, by calling 301-600-2151 or emailing

Frederick County Return to Play Guidelines:

Resuming sporting and other customary operations

  • Physical Distancing monitors should be appointed to assist with field and sideline spacing.
  • Face Coverings should be worn by staff and athletes consistent with the State of Maryland and Frederick County, Maryland current executive orders.
  • Participation should be structured so as to minimize or prevent participant physical interaction.
  • Teams should provide hand sanitizing opportunities along with water breaks. 
  • The number of coaches/participants to each field ratio should be kept low enough to ensure proper physical distancing between each participant’s practice grid, the coaches, and physical distancing monitors.
  • Team huddles and high fives should be suspended until a later phase. Consider using a team cheer that allows for space between players or words of encouragement rather than physical contact.
  • Exit and Entry points should be on opposite sides of the field to prevent any accidental crossover between groups.
  • The turn over time between practices or games should be lengthened to allow for groups to egress completely before the next scheduled group’s arrival.
  • Non-participant attendance should be kept minimal (family only) or non-existent.  Attendance must be consistent with the State of Maryland and Frederick County, Maryland executive orders.
  • Those in the at-risk categories, including those age 60+, should consider not attending.
  • All equipment should be sanitized before next practice.

PLEASE NOTE: These are only guidelines and coaches and organizational leaders must ensure that all State of Maryland and Frederick County, Maryland orders are being followed pertaining to physical distancing minimums, maximum number of people gathered, and face coverings.

Maryland Strong Roadmap to Recovery: