Explore History Through Technology

Geocache Based Tour
Grades: 6-12
Tour Length: 1.5 Hours

Students should dress according to weather conditions as the geocache challenge portion of the tour is outside.

Students will:
  • Explore the lives and activities of 18th and 19th Century slaves
  • Pre-programmed geocache locations provide students with role play activities that give them a glimpse of what life was like for slaves in early America.
  • Students are given 1 hour to work in groups using geocache units to find and complete challenges.
  • Tour concludes with a brief tour and scavenger hunt through Rose Hill Manor Park.
  • Utilize modern technology to navigate around the Rose Hill Manor property.
When booking your tour, please call 301-600-1646, and reference which theme you are requesting for your tour.
eTrex Geocache