Fountain Rock Park & Nature Center / Catoctin Creek Park & Nature Center

Earth Rocks

Minerals and Rocks are more than just things that lie in the ground. Yes, they help form our planet but people use them to create things that make our lives easier. In this adventure, you’ll dig into the world of rocks and minerals and discover some surprises about the science of geology- like how the ground beneath your feet is constantly on the move. (ALL requirements will be completed, 1-6)

Into the Wild

When you go “into the wild” you will begin to understand some of the mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and insects that live with us day and night and how they contribute to the world in which we live. (ALL requirements will be completed, 4-9)

Into the Woods

Trees and plants play an important role in nature. In this adventure, you will get to learn about the plants and trees in your community by exploring your area on a walk visiting your local nature center. (ALL requirements will be completed, 1-7)