Home School Programs


Homeschool classes at Fountain Rock have been developed to engage students and enhance their learning about the natural world through hands-on activities, interacting with live animals, and exploring the ecosystems in the park. When weather permits, each class will include a guided walk through the park to further enrich your class time. Most classes include an outdoor component, so please dress for the weather. Bring your science curriculum to life at Fountain Rock!

Home School Families are also encouraged to visit the Recreater Activity Guide for a listing of our seasonal Home School Days Classes. 

Reservation information

To reserve your program, please call 301-600-1646 or Reserve OnlineNote: When making an online reservation, type the theme into the "description" box.

  • All attendees are required to register and pay, including siblings
  • Minimum group size is 6 participants and the maximum is 20
  • At least one paying adult is required to stay with the reservation group
  • Programs are 2 hours in length
  • Reservations must be made at least 30 days in advance
  • Program Fees: $8.00 / per participant


These classes are for students ages 5-12 years old.


Reptiles Vs. Amphibians

Who’s slimy? Who’s scaly? Who hatches from eggs? We’ll answer these questions and more as we dig deep into the world of these cold-blooded critters. Your students will have a chance to get up close and personal with some of the nature center’s coolest creatures!

Feathers & Fur

Birds and mammals: This dynamic duo may look different on the outside, but they share many common characteristics! We’ll not only celebrate the similarities, we’ll also discover the differences that make these two groups unique, inside and out. There will be games and quizzes to test your knowledge, so put those thinking caps on! In addition, students will handle and examine a wide variety of specimens and animal artifacts. 

Insect Intrigue

Under the ground, up in the air, and everywhere in between, you’ll find insects! These tiny creatures have a big impact on our world, and can survive in some of the most extreme conditions. Students will delve into their mysterious world, learning about their life cycles, habitats, and characteristics, and get a chance to observe and even touch some of our resident insects!  

Wonderful Wetlands (available Spring, Summer, Fall)

This class takes place primarily outdoors and takes your students deep into our park to explore Glade Creek. An outdoor classroom will be the scene for a lesson on the aquatic life that occurs in the freshwater of Frederick County, and a portion of the class time the students will get into the creek and go critter collecting! We’ll spend time observing and identifying the organisms caught before returning the creatures to the creek. Students should wear older clothes, water shoes or boots, and be prepared to get wet and dirty (and have fun)!

Woodland Indian Culture

Bring natural history to life for your students with our Woodland Indians class! Students will gain knowledge on how the native peoples in our area lived, including what they ate, what they wore, and even what they did for fun! Students will examine and handle dozens of artifacts, play native american instruments, try on native american clothing, and even play native american games!

Tricky Tracks

Do your students love a good mystery? Are they hooked on treasure hunts? Crazy about animals? We have a class for that! In our Tricky Tracks class, students will learn what’s neat about feet! We’ll uncover the mystery of who makes what track, who walks in what way, and who might be hiding outside in the park (and inside the nature center). Students will adventure through the park looking for track treasures, all the while working as a team to listen carefully, look for signs, and learn about native animals along the way !