Ecosystems Exploration

In this program students discover the interactions and survival skills of organisms living in different habitats. We will explore the various native ecosystems within Fountain Rock Park and discuss the potential effects of environmental changes on plants and animals. Activities will be incorporated to learn how to classify animals into groups. Live animals and models will be used whenever possible. Includes exploratory walk and outdoor activity, weather permitting.

Program Details

  • Program length: 90 minutes
  • Minimum: 10
  • Maximum: 90 (with some flexibility)
  • Chaperones required: 1 chaperone per 15 students
  • Cost: $4.50 per person

Maryland State Curriculum

  • SC.400.10.02a, .02b
  • SC.400.30.01a, .01b, .01c, .01d, .02a, .02b, .02c, .02d, .02e, .04a, .05a, .06a, .06b
  • SC.400.60.01a, .02a, .02b, .03a, .03b, .03c

Maryland Environmental Literacy Curriculum

  • Standard 3: Topic A, Indicator 1; Topic C, Indicator 1
  • Standard 4: Topics A-E, All Indicators
  • Standard 5: Topic A, Indicators 1 and 2
  • Standard 6: Topic A, Indicator 1
  • Standard 7: Topic A, Indicator 1