Short Range Development


The following projects are contained within the adopted FY2017-2022 Capital Improvements Program (CIP), either under design or construction, with completion scheduled sometime in FY2017 through FY2019.

Othello Regional Park

The BOCC, along with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding for the development of "green" infrastructure for future park improvements and for establishing conservation and habitat restoration areas on the property. Design for the first phase of development was initiated in FY2015. Construction is scheduled to begin in the spring of 2018. Future development will include standard facilities for Regional (formally referred to as District) Parks. As indicated in the proposed 2017 Land Preservation, Parks and Recreation Plan (LPPRP), a Regional Park is oriented to providing active recreational uses such as athletic fields, playgrounds, tennis courts, and shelters. The Frederick County Parks and Recreation Commission has recommended that one of the future multipurpose/baseball fields be synthetic turf. Once cost estimates are determined, the proposed synthetic turf field may be designed with an add-alternate, included in this development project. Additional phases will be determined in future CIP requests.

Parks Systemic

This project anticipates future maintenance required for park components that have reached the end of their life cycle, including but not limited to: shelter roof replacements; fencing; repair and paving of parking lots and paths, including sidewalk and curb; replacement of park signage, etc

Kemptown Community Park Rehabilitation

This rehabilitation project is intended to make improvements to park components that have reached the end of their life cycle. Specifically the project may include, were appropriate, the rehabilitation of the following park amenities and facilities: replacement of light poles and fixtures where needed; rehabilitation of amphitheater stage, screen, seating, lighting and fencing; repair and resurfacing of road, lot and walkway pavement; replacing sports field fencing; evaluation; rehabilitation or replacement of shelters #1 & 2 as needed; and replacement of entrance sign, playground #4 and miscellaneous park service equipment. Construction is scheduled to begin in the summer of 2017.

Point of Rocks Community Commons

This Point of Rocks Community Commons is a small parcel of land located west of the MARC parking lot on Clay Street in Point of Rocks. The Park Master Plan was completed in 2010. The park is a former residential neighborhood that was removed as part of a flood mitigation plan. Houses in the park have been demolished. Parks and Recreation has participated in a planning initiative sponsored by the Mass Transit Administration that has invited community preferences regarding the future of the Commons. The local concept involved a passive recreation area that serves as an entry to and a gathering place within the community. The focus will be on trails, design features, landscaping, parking, a shelter and a restroom facility. Design of this park began in 2015. Construction is scheduled to begin in the spring of 2018.

Fountain Rock Lime Kiln Stabilization

In 2009, Parks and Recreation began to notice a significant amount of bricks falling from the Fountain Rock Lime Kilns’ west side oven arch barrels. The BOCC approved the National Park Service – Historic Preservation Training Center (HPTC) to complete a Condition Assessment Report to ascertain the reason for the brick failure. From this report it was determine that due to the failure of membrane of the kiln roof, the ongoing masonry deterioration was being caused by the flow of water through the arch barrels. The stabilization and repair of the lime kilns will be a two-part project. For Part 1, the membrane will need to be replaced. HPTC will then provide a post-construction testing and written evaluation to confirm that the water infiltration problems have been rectified. Once this has been determined, Part II of this project will involve HPTC removing and replacing the deteriorated bricks perform selective brick re-pointing and reconstruct soffit areas as needed. Efforts to solicit donations to complete this project have not been effective to date. Design for this improvement began in 2015. Construction for the first part of this project is currently underway and is scheduled to be completed by the summer of 2017. Construction for the second part will occur in the summer of 2018.

Middletown Community Park Development & Rehabilitation

This project includes both an expansion to the existing Community Park and a rehabilitation of current facilities, were appropriate. The expansion portion of the project is requested to emphasize development in the eastern section of the Park. Construction may include the development of a soccer/football field, little league field, parking lot, playground, restroom, and pond dredging with bank erosion protection. Construction of a restroom on the western edge of the pond and installation of athletic field lighting for two (2) softball and two (2) little league fields and replacement of existing perimeter guardrail may also be accomplished. The rehabilitation portion of the project is intended to make improvements to park components that have reached the end of their life cycle. Park amenities and facilities projected to be included in this portion of this project may include, were appropriate, replacement of both entrance signs; repair/resurfacing of road/walkway paving; install paved sidewalk over dam; replace bleacher pad pavement with concrete; pave maintenance yard and enlarge overflow parking lot; replace shelter, shop and concession roofing; replace shelter electrical systems; dredge and make other improvements to pond; replace aerator system; replace truck shed and wood shop; install bulk storage bins; replace maintenance yard fence, replace all backstops/overthrow and outfield fences, replace fountains, valve vault and valves and water piping as needed, rehab restroom interior and replace street lights where needed, install lights along maintenance road and recycling area, and install security lighting/camera system in shop yard. Some miscellaneous park equipment may also be replaced, as appropriate. Design for this project is scheduled to begin in FY2019, with construction in FY2021.

Utica District Park Phase 2

Facilities scheduled for development in Phase 2 include roads & parking, water service, electric utilities, shelters, athletic fields (two synthetic turf fields), athletic field lighting, playgrounds, restrooms, basketball courts, tennis courts, trails, and the construction of a vehicular bridge to cross the creek. Some of these improvements would be for facilities that were not constructed in Phase 1 due to funding constraints. Funding is allocated under site improvements to continue preservation work on the Snook family farmstead possibly utilizing the partnership agreement with the NPS. The first priority would be to renovate the main house and to undertake any stabilization work as needed on the remaining structures. Design on this phase of development is currently underway. Construction is scheduled to begin in the summer of 2018.

Bikeways / Trails Program

The initial phase of the Bikeways/Trails Program involves the development of the Ballenger Creek Corridor. Subsequent sites will involve trail development in corridors identified in the Frederick County Bikeways and Trail Plan. In this CIP request, the County would be scheduling alternating design and construction funding years from FY2018 to FY2020. In the future, funding may be needed for trail acquisition or easements. It is anticipated that County construction funds can be matched with 50/50 matching grants from the Federal Transportation Enhancement Grant Program (TEP) for development phases. Construction for the Advisors Court Section (Section IV) of the Ballenger Creek Trail is scheduled to begin in the summer of 2017.

Park Schools

Development funding will provide recreational facilities not normally associated with the regular FCPS program such as a regulation size gym, recreation room, office and storage. Park School facilities generally are placed at elementary schools. FCPS is requesting Park School facilities for Sugarloaf Elementary School in FY2018. Costs for construction are estimated to be $800,000 for each Park School, based upon data provided by FCPS Staff.