Cadettes / Teens

Fountain Rock Park & Nature Center / Catoctin Creek Park & Nature Center

  • “Night Owl” (From the Media Journey)

Ever wish you could sleep all day? The animals we will explore do just that. Experience the nightlife from an animal’s point of view. Take a night hike at the park to watch the stars and see what’s different when the lights go out.

  • “Trees” (From the Cadette Girl Guide)

Can you tell the name of a tree just by looking at its bark? You will after this class! Learn 5 trees and why we like them so much. Learn about how to care for our trees and hear some good stories too.

Ballenger Creek Community Building-Teaching Kitchen

  • Eating for Beauty

Learn how to eat to achieve a healthy mood, mind, and body. Make foods that are good for you and are both healthy and tasty.