League Weather Cancellation Policy

Games may be played rain or shine. However, certain inclement weather situations may cause us to postpone and/or cancel games. 

Program Status Line

When inclement weather is forecasted you should call our Program Status Line, prior to leaving home for your scheduled practice/game. Instruct your players to also call this number prior to leaving. The Program Status Line is only updated if an activity is cancelled. If the line does not state that the activity is cancelled, then it is still running as scheduled. Practice cancellations will be left up to the coach to contact the parents. If we have heavy rains, we may cancel all practices and close the fields.
Program Status Line: 301-600-6291

Thunderstorms & Lightning

“When Thunder Roars, Get Indoors.” FCPR Staff and Volunteers will suspend or postpone activities if a thunderstorm appears imminent before or during outdoor activities. If thunder can be heard, lightning is close enough to be a hazard and everyone should head to a safe location immediately. Allowing sufficient time for individuals to safely evacuate the premises must be taken into consideration by staff and volunteers. All activities will be suspended until 30 minutes after the last sound of thunder is heard. This 30-minute clock restarts each time thunder is heard. Spectator and participants will be directed to the nearest safe location which in many instances will be their vehicles. Participants and spectators should only make their way back to a venue after an “all-clear” from FCPR Staff.

Tornadoes/High Wind

If a Tornado Warning is issued, by the National Weather Service, for the Frederick area (or in the absence of a warning – a severe weather alert is received), all activity (practice and/or competition) will be stopped immediately and/or cancelled. All participants, game officials, athletics staff and spectators will be prior informed or relocated according to the procedures outlined for each venue or to the nearest safest location. Once the warning is lifted the activity can resume provided the playing area is safe for all players and spectators.