Buildings Maintained

The Office of Custodial Services is responsible for maintaining 37 County buildings, totaling 1,045,404 square feet. Of those buildings, 16 are maintained by staff of the Office of Custodial Services and 21 are maintained the by Frederick County Scott Key Center. Below is a listing of all buildings currently being maintained by the Office of Custodial Services.

Office of Custodial Services Staff

Maintain 525,065 Sq. Ft.
  • 118 North Market Street 
  • 30 North Market Street
  • Ballenger Creek Community Building
  • Bourne Building
  • Browning Building at Pinecliff Park
  • Catoctin Creek Nature Center
  • Family Partnership
  • Fountain Rock Nature Center
  • Frederick County Courthouse
  • Frederick County Emergency Services
  • Frederick County Law Enforcement Center
  • Maintenance Building and Parks' Shop (5th Street)
  • Public Safety Training Facility (Main)
  • Public Safety Training Facility (Annex)
  • Rose Hill Manor
  • Winchester Hall

Scott Key Center

Maintain 520,339 Sq. Ft.
  • Adult Detention Center
  • Animal Control
  • Animal Health Lab
  • Brunswick Library 
  • C. Burr Artz Library
  • Emmitsburg Community Center
  • Extension Services
  • Fire & Rescue Logistics
  • Health Department
  • Highway Operations
  • Jefferson Highway Satellite Facility
  • Johnsville Highway Satellite Facility 
  • Myersville Highway Satellite Facility
  • Scott Key Center
  • Senior Center
  • Thurmont Library
  • Thurmont Highway Satellite Facility
  • Transit and Garage
  • Urbana Highway Satellite Facility
  • Urbana Library and Senior Center
  • Workforce Services