The Recreation Centers may be available for rental around the hours of scheduled Division programs. Facility rentals are awarded in order of priority (see below) with a completed application, payment, and a certificate of insurance.

After our application deadline in August, applications are processed in order of receipt (but at least 5 days before the 1st date of your request).

Priority of Use

  1. Board of Education with 30 days notice
  2. PTA or PTO, faculty group, school affiliated groups, and state education agencies with 30 days notice
  3. The Frederick County Division of Parks and Recreation (FCDP&R)
  4. FCDP&R Volunteer Recreation Councils in designated area and Frederick County Government Agencies (RC Rate)
  5. Any public non-profit recreation provider (a letter from the IRS which states non-profit award is required.), and FCDP&R Volunteer Recreation Council outside of designated area (NP Rate)
  6. Private education agencies, other users such as volunteer, improvement, private, service, religious, social, civic, and Farm Bureau associations or organizations. (S Rate)
  7. Any activity provided by an organization which primarily serves non-Frederick County Residents or is organized by a private business. (S Rate)

Rental Application

A $100 security deposit is due upon approval of your rental request. The balance of your rental fee must be paid in full at least 10 business days prior to the first rental date. 
Complete rental application online

Rental Hours

For a list of rental hours by recreation center, click here.

Hourly Rental Rates

* An additional rental fee may be assigned when rental falls outside the Center's normal operating hours.
Rental Area
Gymnasium (In-County)
$20 $24 $33
Gymnasium (Out-of-County)
$30 $36 $50
*Recreation Room (In-County)
$10 $14 $17
Recreation Room (Out-of-County)
$15 $21 $25


Equipment available for use (must submit a special form) includes:
  • 6 foot rectangular tables (2 are available at Oakdale and Deer Crossing; 6 at Thurmont) 
  • Basketball hoops (Thurmont only) 
  • Bleachers open (Thurmont only) 
  • Folding chairs TV / VCR