Rose Hill Manor Park & Museums

Make My Family Special

Learn about life at Rose Hill. We'll discuss chores in the past and discover how family life was the same and how it was different many years ago. 

The Show Must Go On

Discover the history of puppetry and create your own puppets. Cub Scouts will conclude the program with their own puppet show using Rose Hill's puppet stage. 

Fountain Rock Park & Nature Center / Catoctin Creek Park & Nature Center

Learn About Animals

Discover what animals are found in different habitats. Learn about what they eat, where they live, and what sounds they make.

Feed the Birds

Birds are all around us! Identify some birds up close, learn about what they eat, and create natural bird feeders to take home.

Let's Go Outdoors, and 3 Outdoor Activities (Fun Day, Hike, Buddy System)

Tigers have the opportunity to earn the Outdoor Activity Award