Preschool Field Trips

Our programs are 1.5 hours in duration and are available all year. Preschools and Moms’ Groups are welcome, or you can organize your own group for environmental enrichment. Most classes include an outdoor element so please dress for the weather. Choose from the following program titles:
Awesome Animals
What is the difference between a reptile and an amphibian? How about an arachnid and an insect? Learn some fun animal facts and meet our Nature Center Animals. Afterward we will walk to the quarry and feed the turtles and fish.
Awesome Animals
Three Sisters (Woodland Indians)
Learn what it was like to live without cell phones and video games as we go back in time to discover the lives of Native Woodland Indians. Through hands-on activities the children can try on native clothing, make music, operate a drill, and more!
3 Sisters
Going Buggy
Discover some of the amazing things that insects can do! Meet our resident creepy-crawly friends and go for a bug hunt out on the trail.
Rascally Reptiles
Turtles, snakes & lizards all live here at the Nature Center. Come and discover what makes them so special. What do they eat? Where do they live in the wild? Why are people afraid of some but love others? Afterward we can go out on the trail for a reptile scavenger hunt.
Teeny Tiny Hike
Take a sensory walk through the woods and collect natural specimens to examine. Search for various colors, shapes, and even evidence of wild animals!
To schedule and register for a nature program, call the main office at 301-600-1646. Call the Park Naturalist at 301-600-4460 to discuss any program content or to create a program specifically for your class.