Rose Hill Manor Park & Museums

Listening to the Past

Discover the past by listening to the story of Rose Hill Manor and its inhabitants, playing with toys and games of early America, and acting out scenes from life in 18th and 19th century.

Puppets, Dolls & Plays

Children in early America made their own dolls and other toys. Learn to make your own puppets and dolls and create your own puppet show about Brownie Girl Scout safety. 

Ballenger Creek Community Building-Teaching Kitchen

Make It, Eat It

Learn to make the following fun recipes; bake apples, fruit juice fizz and fruit salad, sloppy joes, and brownie soup. You’ll also make your own recipe book. And try your best at being a green thumb to learn about growing your own fruits, veggies and herbs.

Fountain Rock Park & Nature Center / Catoctin Creek Park & Nature Center

“Hiker” (from the “Wow! Wonders of Water” Journey)

Do you know what to pack for a hiking trip? Can you leave trail markers to tell scouts where to find you? Find trails and markers, look for leaves, tracks, and animal signs as we travel the Nature Park trails together and get outside!

“Bugs” (from the Brownie Girl Guide)

Come and meet the resident “bugs” at the nature center to include our tarantula friends. We’ll make a buggy craft and explore the park with a magnifying glass to see creepy crawly things up close

Water Drop Patch

This program is co-sponsored by the EPA and Girl Scouts. Groups will study watersheds and wetland areas so be prepared to get into the creek! 


Learn about the history of letterboxing while making a stamp book and possibly even a stamp! Afterwards, hide your own letterbox for the next group to find.